Mechanical, Auto Electrical & Electronics Repairs

As the running hours of the vehicle increase, the vehicle parts will run in the life span through wear and tear. Some of the parts will damage through excessive usage and sometimes through rough use and accidental damages. In all these situations the vehicle will face Electrical & Mechanical problems. Most of these Electrical & Mechanical problems can be solved through replacing parts and sometimes repairing them. Some of these mechanical problems are given below that can be rectified.


 Some newer vehicles have a complex computer system that interacts with vehicle functions including sensors, brakes, steering, and more.



Battery, Starter motors, Alternators, Wiper motors, Power window - Door Glass Motors, Automatic Side View Mirrors, Cooling Fan Motors, Condenser Fan Motors, Blower Fan Motors, Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Instrument Cluster, Steering Combination Switch, Door Glass control switch, Door Lock Actuators, Door lock switch, Car starting Key switch, Fuel Tank unit, Electrical Fuel Pump, Auto lock systems, Burglar Alarm system, Electronic Control Module - ECM, Sensors and Actuators Etc.
We repair all the wiring systems and safety systems.



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